Rihanna and Chris back on?

Rihanna and Chris Brown’s friends are praying and hoping that they do not start dating again. The pair were dating way back in 2009 but had nasty split when Brown publicly beat up Rihanna. It is reported the reason that Rihanna did not take Chris back was because of media opinion pressure and the damage it would have on her career. Is this dating hell on earth? This does seem to be breaking dating ethics.

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This rumoured reunion sparks a heated debate. Will this affect her young girl fans? Will she send a message to vulnerable young women it is okay to take back abusive dating partners? Rihanna is already an big topic when it comes to child censoring in music. Her overtly sexy lyrics and music videos anger some parents claiming she is too out there and promotes promiscuity. Other people argue that she is a not a child’s singer and they should not be permitted to listen to her and the decision should be made by the individual child’s parents.

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The dating dilemma that these two face is something that can only be realistically come to a conclusion by these two individuals. A choice that we all hope is the right one. Which ever you feel.

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Rihanna and Chris Brown future sealed

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Rihanna has made her intentions very clear with her recent dating experiences. She has been seen canoodling with ex boyfriend Chris Brown and they are now revealed to be back to dating each other. It has now been announced that she would like to have a baby with the pop singer. She said she wants to wait five years time. Will they still dating in five years time? WILL THE WORST HAPPEN?

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The pair have had a troubled past. We all know what happened pre the Grammys in 2009. The world was shocked to see THOSE pictures appear on a blogging site the morning after. The world continued to be baffled as they were reported to be seeing each other in summer 2012. This caused major drama. Catty things were tweeted and it got really ugly. Chris was seeing a Vietnamese model who Ri Ri did not take a shine to.

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At the end of the day they are two adults who are able of making their own choices in life. We as the public however have our right to pass judgment. Are Rihanna and Chris Brown role models? Do they owe to their fans to not be together? Only time will tell.

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