Amanda Seyfried can’t find a man

Amanda Seyfried, star of Mamma Mia and Mean Girls has recently left the dating game and is now single again. Her most famous pairing was Mamma Mia co star British actor Dominic Cooper. They dated on and off for a while. The relationship was a long distance and according to an interview with UK Glamour magazine they kept the relationship alive with dating via Skype which as you could imagine was not the best way to maintain a fire in a dating relationship.

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Amanda Seyfried

She was dating until last month real estate agent Andrew Joblon. That relationship lasted four months. This month it is reported that her replacement boyfriend Justin Huchel, a fellow realtor ended things with the Hollywood starlet. After only one month of dating.

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Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper

This leaves us heartbroken for poor Amanda who seems to be getting it right with her movie roles and on screen love lives but nowhere in finding her real life romantic ending.

This a problem that lots of starlets finding it difficult to hold up a relationship due their busy careers filled with international travel, long filming hours and movie promotion. I suppose she could date a member of her ensemble?

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