The Superbowl of dating

The Superbowl of dating – Valentines Day, is coming up on the horizon and you know what now is a great time to find someone to love you. Some might say it is hard. Your mum might think that no one will ever love you. Your friends might tell you are far too picky but what do they know about dating? They shacked up with the first person they met in college and they are not as exciting as you. Your loved ones would be nothing without the dating horror stories you regale them get togethers.

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Seriously, you are out there living life. I wouldn’t say you are brave because to patronise you would never be my intention but I’m sure you doing anything bland. Honestly, modern dating may be pits but around Valentine’s Day is a time reeking of desperation. You should cash on it. You should not take advantage of anyone or be needlessly cruel but just now that its not slim pickings out there. Everyone will be putting their best foot forward .

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Alternatively, they could all be rotters and you could be better using your time by locking yourself in your flat and just pretending love is just not a thing. It died and that stupid baby with the bow and arrow is the culprit.

Daphne X

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