Every rude thing men have said to me on dates

If you are unfortunate enough to be attracted to men, you don’t need me to tell you how horrible dating them is. They are the worst. There’s a whole cottage industry dedicated to making this exact point. The market is a crowded one. There’s almost nothing one could add that is original about dating men. However, there is still a variety of classics that never fail to please whenever I recount them. Men have told me that I would be better looking if I shut my mouth, did more exercise or just dressed better. However, this would be hurtful if it didn’t come from people who looked like thumbs. And then I hear you scream, why did you go dating with someone who looked like a thumb? Well, I didn’t. They just morphed into thumb-looking fellas when these cruel words plopped out of their bum holes of a mouth. 

 bad date

Some men have told me about their useless ex-lovers and all their tales like how they drove them crazy or something else incriminatory just makes me want to call them up and see if they need me to their pal? I will be any wronged woman’s pal. Sign me up. That is a task I was born for. 

Best February date ideas

Gather round my children who are seeking to change their lives via the medium of dating, let me give you my best ideas for settings for romance and why they should be how you pursue the love of your life.

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The park

A classic but not necessarily obvious one. What is really has going for it is that is both cheap and easy to run away. There’s no commitment to the park. There’s no bill to split and you can just enjoy each other’s company or just the weather.

The cinema

Anther iconic choice for dating but perhaps more played out. Mainly, its focal selling point is that you don’t need to talk for a whole two hours but you still feel like you’ve had a shared experience. There’s always the option to do something else afterwards, where you can figure out if your dating someone with no cinematic taste. This doesn’t matter to everyone but to some it really does

The pub

This dating choice is rather boring and sounds good on paper and sometime it is in practice but drinking on dates just ups the chances for unfortunate shenanigans, whatever that means to you.

The shopping centre

What are you a teenager? Bore off?

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