We now know who Travis Kelce is dating

Travis Kelce is now dating Taylor Swift. Who is Travis Kelce, I don’t hear you ask because we are separated by time, space and a screen. The man in question is the tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs. Their dating status was proved to be proper affirmative at the Super Bowl After Party that his pop superstar girlfriend posted on TikTok.

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They were getting very cosy while they bopped around to some of her greatest hits. These included the 2008 single Love Story. One of the breakout stars of the night was his brother and fellow NFL star Jason Kelce. It was very comical to see him, an absolute bear of a man, dance around and get absolutely blotto. He was pictured earlier this week doing a hungover walk of shame in Las Vegas.

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There wasn’t much people doubting that they were dating. Taylor has been seen at every single one of his football games. Well all the ones that didn’t clash with her record-breaking The Eras Tour. Again, Travis made his play for Taylor on his podcast that he hosts with the aforementioned hungover bear brother. There was doubt about the nature of their relationship because their dating did feel a bit for PR. However, part of the magic of their union is that you cannot tell.

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Jason Kelce – An online dating success story

This morning I saw a TikTok that Jason Kelce, the brother of Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce and lover of Taylor Swift, began dating his wife Kylie via Tinder. The man of the hour, who gained a significant amount of social media traction for drunkenly lumbering around his potential future sister-in-law’s VIP box at the Super Bowl, is proof that you can find love through online dating. You can be a NFL star and still struggle to go dating in the real world. You also won’t be condemned to finding the absolute dredges. The secret of the success of online dating is just to be open-minded.

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You can also be a bit of a sick freak and do some online stalking before you meet. This can add a thrill, an element of uncertainty because sometimes you could have doubts about the identity of the person. See Kylie, before she met in person with Jason, did a bit of a Google on the big hulking bear, and found out that he was the star player on the Philadelphia Eagles team. This felt like nonsense. Why would someone that rich and famous be on Tinder? Well, let me tell you because he hasn’t got the time! He’s too busy to chat women up in a bar and instead opted to swipe while on the toilet or catching up on The Bachelor.

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