Getting stood up – a plea

Getting stood up is never nice. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating or if its platonic. However with friends you can either check in and be like, is everything okay? If they don’t answer, I might suggest going round, seeing if they are okay or texting their neighbour or a mutual friend to get a inkling. You can also probably stalk them on social media and ask what on earth is wrong with you?

getting stood up

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However, it is a bit different if it is regarding dating, the whole getting stood up lark. I’d actually say it is less messy than a friend. If its a blind date or something you have arranged via a dating app, you can be be assured that you’ve dodged a bullet. Cancelling plans with someone you’ve never met and will probably never meet is so easier because you don’t have any ties. They can just go back to being a pixels in your phone, or really a memory of a pixels in your phone. Don’t stand up them up! They might want to stay in too! You might make them miss EastEnders. Just text them and lie about having Covid, and then if they pose another date just say its really ravaged your body. Reduce your sense of importance and remember its actually quite low.

Daphne X

What do you want out of dating?

The question “what do you want out of dating” feels like a question some matchmaker you’ve paid an obscene amount of money would say. However, really we can only speculate because I’ve never booked a service from one. Pretend I’m a professional in the game and love and send the question back on yourself. Personally, it doesn’t really seem like a list, if you managed to cobble on together, that you can really materialise. A dating checklist feels like one of those things that picky women, or men, do. It’s good to have an idea but its not a matter of being picky but rather human beings are creatures who actually don’t know what the want. Dating isn’t something you can predict but really you have to go with the flow. You might even like it.

why women should always be picky

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God bloody, hell you really shouldn’t listen to me really. I’m vaguely a fool, and not only when it comes to dating, but I’m willing to beat that so very much are you. We’ve never met so I cannot get a full picture on your IQ. However, I’ve got a lifetime of experience to showcase that people are working on quite similar levels of intelligence but dating does bring out their stupidest side.

Daphne X

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