Who is Taylor Swift dating?

Taylor Swift is the dating the NFL star Travis Kelce. It would appear they were matched when he declared his feelings about his feelings on his podcast New Heights, the one he does with his brother Jason. There is much patter about their union being for PR. However, the evidence doesn’t really support it.

Taylor Swift

They seem to be really quite interested in each other? Perhaps they are dating because they are both what would happen if two labradors found themselves in a human body? Does this make sense? The lesson that Taylor and Travis have taught us is that dating is really all about finding someone who matches your energy.

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Travis Kelce

The takeaway is that if you are a grump, go find someone with that negative aura. If you are a grown man who makes a friendship bracelet to take to the Eras tour, you will find happiness with the cringest pop star on the planet. It is really often quite that simple. Dating doesn’t need to be that complicated!

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All eyes will be on them this Sunday when his team The Kansas City Chiefs is taking on the San Francisco 49’s at Super Bowl LVIII. Exciting stuff this love and football, isn’t it?

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