A dispatch from the dating trenches

My friend Alex says that dating sucks. He isn’t a fan and keeps telling me again and again. He went on a bit of a dating spree in his youth, which was approximately a thousand years ago. No, it was a bit nearer in the time continuum. His complaints are vast and varied and probably too boring to dig into.

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getting stood up on date

Well, we do it can anyway; he says that it is complicated and messy, and people’s feelings get hurt. However, according to him, it is much better to be a long-term committed relationship, confirming the streets be saying that it is more fulfilling than flicking through dating profiles of random people. However, he also concedes that you have to do that a lot of the time to find the established loving relationship that you adore so much, so its a bit of some medium-term pain for some potentially rewarding and long-term gain.

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stood up on a date

Whether this answer is not what you were looking for, well I can’t help but you are on the right platform; a dating website, to get going with your hunt for the one to potentially wipe your bottom when you are old. Don’t say I never help you.

Daphne X

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