Shakira dating Lucien Laviscount

According to the excellent and reputable Extra news outlet, Shakira, off Hips Don’t Lie fame and former marriage to Gerard Pique fame, is dating Lucien Laviscount. If you don’t know who he is, he is best known for being on the Netflix smash-hit ‘Emily in Paris’ and one-time toy-boy of Kerry Katona, who was once most known for being in Atomic Kitten, then winner of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, then the lady from the Iceland ads.

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lucien laviscount

Now, she is making bank on OnlyFans and continuing on her toy-boy legacy. Anyway, Lucien also must have liked being a younger lover, proven her by his decision to now be dating Shakira. 


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Now, we are not in the business of pitting fitties against fitties here but it does seem to be a dating trade-up. However, they are both insane, and that should be said. They’ve both had financial difficulties and only Shakira’s had the looming threat of jail time. Imagine Shakira in prison? Would her incarcerated hips lie? Well, I suppose they might have been, or really were accused of doing so. Anyway, the point of this long, going round the houses tale, is that she has a new man, and he’s most known for snogging Lily Collins, the actress daughter of Phil, via the magic of streaming.

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