Television characters you should avoid dating

Fictional men, particularly those on serialised stories like television, are often the blueprint of our romance and dating lives. Their character arcs endear us to them because that’s the power of narrative, baby!

  1. Tony Soprano 

This man is just one big red flag! He’s the kingpin of an organised crime ring and he just doesn’t really have any impulse control. His wife Carmela is vaguely happy with him but that’s is largely to do with the big stack of cash in the backyard. He is also keen to engage in some extramarital dating via his goomahs so you don’t know where he’s been. 

Tony Soprano

Dating in the Rain(Opens in a new browser tab)

  1. Peter Griffin

He’s just horrible. Teenage boys think he is funny. This is not dating material. 

  1. Don Draper 

This man is quite similar to Tony Soprano but swap out mafia vibes for the complete scam that is the advertising agency. This is not a recipe for a good dating life.

Don Draper

  1. Joey Tribbiani

Dating this man must be like dating a dog. Like, he seems cute but he’s probably more interested in chasing tail, both his and yours. 

Getting stood up – a plea(Opens in a new browser tab)

  1. Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry is the thinking man’s Joey from Friends but he’s actually worse because he tries to be funny. Dating  a stand-up comic, no thanks.

Jerry Seinfeld

Daphne X

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