Dating in the Rain

Dating in the rain is one of those things that seems nice on paper. It seems all romantic and something you could see yourself doing with Hugh Grant in the 90s. However, we are on the wrong side of history. The Twin Towers are no longer standing! That old man is well, yes, old and married and a father of five.

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Hugh Grant

The long 1990s are over. The tea is that dating in the rain is just something you don’t want to do. I mean don’t engage in romance when it is drizzling but rather stay inside! Under a roof is okay! Under a roof is preferable. We love it and we don’t want you to go without dating. However, don’t be standing around, with a brolly in your mitts. Dating is for inside!

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A good few places to go dating in the rain or when it is pouring down. Try a cafe, a pub or somewhere literally anywhere else with four walls and a roof. Inside is very lovely during this lovely little time of year. No, actually I hate it. The days are indeed getting longer and for that we love to hold on to the good bits of the world.

Or how about visiting the cinema, here are a few golden oldies for you…

Films about Dating

Here are some of the best films about dating. You might want to sink your teeth into before you get into the mood for love.

When Harry Met Sally – This film is very cute and it cannot be said enough. The lessons might be trite but the dialogue is whip smart and no words will ever be said against it.

When Harry met Sally

You’ve Got Mail – Nora Ephron is very much an icon. Her constant hiring of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks should have gotten her a sainthood.

Valentine’s Day – This absolute trash rom-com is quite bad. It shows all the ways you can be involved with dating. It involves literally every famous person who was knocking around the acting circuit in 2010. Including Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Swift and Julia Roberts

Valentines Day

His Girl Friday – This film shows that journalists are bad people. Showcasing how an editor will try to woo his wife despite her dating someone else. It is very charming and I love black-and-white movies.

Top Hat – this film isn’t really about traditional dating. It has Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in it and that makes me very happy. You can also watch this film with your nan.

The 1935 movie Top Hat

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Daphne X

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