Tips for when dating is driving you crazy

Dating is one of the most stressful things that people can do. Well, I hear this is the case for some people. Maybe you are one, maybe you know someone’s whose nerves are shot by the prospect of having a thriving romantic life. If this anxiety doesn’t stop you from dipping your toe in the dating pond, here are my suggestions to not want to commit yourself to a mental institution

  1. Find an exercise regime you like. 

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Unfortunately, those sick freaks were right. Moving your body is good for your mental health, especially during the horribly stressful attempt of being known by another person. It’s god awful. 

women exercising

  1. Put your phone on airplane mode

Just step away from your blower if you are expecting a text from someone you like and are dating. 

  1. Remember its not that deep

Every rude thing men have said to me on dates(Opens in a new browser tab)

You’ll be okay. You’ve got other things going on! They are actually quite annoying! Way more annoying than you are! 

annoyed woman

  1. Have other things going on 

This does need to be explicitly stated out loud. You can’t have your life revolve around who and what you are dating. Putting all your eggs in one basket is a one-way ticket to Bunny Boiler Town, population you! Remember, you’ll just be more of an attractive prospect with other things going on.  

Daphne X

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