European cities for romantic getaways

Do you ever find yourself dating someone that you want whisk them away for a little holiday? Well, pretend this is a travel agent – who does absolutely none of the admin – sit back and read below some of the silly reasons I think you ought to go on holiday.

1. Amsterdam – If you like direct communication and eating Space Cakes, this Dutch city is the best place to take your dating prospect on a mini-break.

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    2. Berlin – This one is good if the person you are dating is really into club culture and the history of World War II like the Holocaust and Cold War.

    dating in berlin

    3. Paris – This one is so cliche that it feels a bit disgusting to include but it shall be wedged in anyway because a little dirt never hurt nobody.

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    4. Edinburgh – this one is good if you don’t want to leave the country or don’t want to deal with a language barrier, though you might struggle with the Leith accent but you do really need to grow up if you do.

    dating in edinburgh

    5. Budapest – This one is lovely because you can see all the sights spotted in films that have been filmed there masquerading as Paris on the cheap.

    6. Prague – See above

    dating in prague

    Daphne X

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