Celeb dating rumours are in their flop era

Celebrities love dating each other. This is probably because they are all conceited and other famous people understand that sort of self-obsession quite well. No, I actually have no idea why the love to date each other, and this is not the point of this diatribe.

kylie jenner dating gossip

What is the reason is to highlight how we are missing some messy dating gossip on websites. We were treated to so many drips and draps of what on earth is going with all those dating rumours about Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet. Is she pregnant? Probably not but that was fun.

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There was also all the wild screaming about Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s break-up, and then all that speculation about her and Matty Healey, which got her to write ‘But Daddy I Love Him’ and then that whole thing crashed down and then Travis Kelce popped up like a big old sexy teddy bear. Basically, there is no gossip circulating on my Twitter timeline. I am bored! I am nothing but a dating rumour.

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taylor swift dating gossip

Before that we had all that drama with Selena Gomez and her ex boyfriend Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey. To be honest, that was a bit more pathetic but dating drama is dating drama!

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