Hot girl summer

The summer air is starting to peep through the rain clouds and I am here to tell you to best spend it! Yes, you guessed it, you need to go dating! Dating is exactly what they were singing about in that Grease zinger ‘Summer Nights’ after all, weren’t they?

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summer nights from grease

Well, what is there to say about dating in the warmer months? Well, there’s ample things to wax lyrical about it. Apparently, its primetime to have a thing called ‘Hot Girl Summer’, which originates from a Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj duet, which was the song of the summer in 2019.

nicki minaj hot girl summer

What is that, you ask? Well, again I am here to tell you, it is time to be a bit of a hussy and try out all the options, all the flavours, and all the people you can find. Obviously, you are in a committed relationship, you might have to sit this one out but a little dialogue can change all that! This is not my business, I am just a bearer of good news!

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Summer dates are for everyone, and for as many people as you would like them to be! There are no rules here, only chaos.

Daphne X

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