Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce dating update

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are still on. They are still dating. They are still everywhere, but less so, because truly they aren’t that interesting. Dating, when you are that famous, is annoying because you do have to put on a bit of a show for the underlings, don’t you? Dating has to have that international fame razzle-dazzle, which like all shiny things must fade away.

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taylor swift the eras tour edinburgh murrayfield

Either way, the purpose of this Swifty dating update isn’t to judge but to inform, so again, I will stick to the task at hand. Taylor Swift managing to keep a relationship afloat while on the highest-grossing music tour of all time is quite annoying, if you are a single pringle like me. However, let’s not sour our grapes because one’s woman’s happiness does not rob another. There are ample himboss for all girlbosses to date.

taylor swift and travis kelce

Who is Taylor Swift dating?(Opens in a new browser tab)

Well, i’m very excited because I’m going to see Taylor at Wembley on 23rd June, and I really want her to play The Bolter as her surprise song because that one summarises MY dating life, an interesting snippet for everyone at hand, I’m sure. I didn’t almost drown in frigid water though. All my near-death experiences in the sea have been of sub-tropic variety, heated nicely by the Gulf Stream.

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