Stop telling me how bad you are at dating apps

I am uninterested in how awful you are at getting matches on dating apps. All the men in my life who do this are annoying because you can’t actually tell them that they appear like losers on their profiles. Sometimes, you just look really unappealing on your page! Don’t ask me this question unless you are ready to hear some dating home truths. I will dish the dating dirt but you have to be prepared for them. It is something you sometimes need to hear.

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I keep reading newspaper articles written by 30something men going on and on about how women don’t like their page but do you like your page? If so, why? Do you think you have mass appeal? Do you think you even need it, the approval of the hordes of women you want to bed?

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Either way, you shouldn’t. Men, take some deep breaths and stop being a freak. It will do wonders for your sex life if you cease acting like an entitled little idiot to women’s time and just take some deep breaths. You are probably marvellous and will attract even better women, because that is how these things tend to go. It always is, actually.

Daphne X

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