Espresso – a dating manifesto

Sabrina Carpenter started her career on ‘Girl Meets World’, the spin-off to the beloved 90s classic television programme ‘Boy Meets World’ but is now best known for singing excellent pop bops about her dating life. Her latest offering, the absolute earworm ‘Espresso’ is a creed that you lot should be adhering to life its the bible. The phrase “give a fucks on vacation” is a phrase you people ought to get tattooed on your forearms. You need to stop relating to desperation as she does.

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sabrina carpenter

Apparently, that one boy who won’t stop calling is Barry Keoghan, which, to me, isn’t very appealing prospect. People seem to think that he is sexy, and I don’t see it. And yes, I watched ‘Saltburn’ in the cinema, and it was all, well not really for me. Did you all the drama that he left his idyllic life in Broughty Ferry for the pint-sized pop princess? If hearing that is where he lives makes your jaw hit the floor, well, we should go for ice cream at a place near the Wetherspoons.

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Anyway, if you listen to the song, you get the impression that they are very happy together. Dating might be ruining big Baz’s sleeping pattern because he’s drinking all these shots of coffee. Now, he probably has a different lifestyle than you and mere mortals.

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