Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Oh my days! Haylor is no more! They had been dating since September. Harry Styles had been spotted taking Taylor Swift on a whistle stop tour of Britain and his hometown. This included a cute couple chippy visit. No reason for the split has been revealed just yet. However as fan I cannot help to point out this is not a rare occurrence in Swift’s life. She has put half of the music and film industry to her dating test. She then goes and makes a killing out of her heartbreak. Girl, has got it right.

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Taylor Swift

Taylor’s dating history is more A list than the guest list of the Academy Awards. She has bagged some of Hollywood’s hottest men, including Joes Jonas and Taylor Launter and John Mayor. Harry Style is an impressive addition to that list. Their union was brief but caused a lot of online outrage among the tween set.

Harry Styles

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However I hope this break up will be the inspiration for a whole another great album, from both of them. Shortly after they announced their split she posted a picture of her jamming in the studio. This next album is going to hotly awaited.

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